About Antonio

Antonio is your average sloth lover who just decided to do more than just adore sloths from a distance. After visiting The Sloth Sanctuary (as hyperlink http://www.slothsanctuary.com/) in Costa Rica & meeting with The Sloth Conservation Foundation ( as hyperlink http://slothconservation.com/); learning about how sloths are suffering from deforestation, are on the critically endangered list, are being poached and captured to be sold on the black market; The decision was simple;

To help those who help sloths survive”.

Antonio Salguero Jr

Executive Director and Founder
Antonio @ SlothRelief . org





Did You Know?

Growing Up

A baby sloth will stay with its mother for a full 12 months, during which time it learns all of the essential skills required to survive in the wild. As well as drinking milk, baby sloths will begin to sample leaves from around their mother’s mouth from as early as 1 week old. This process teaches the baby exactly which tree species are safe to eat.